The Live 2017 Recap Episode

In this episode, we review the best of hiphop in 2017. We recorded this episode live at VSOP studios and encouraged the audience to engage in the dialogue with us. We dive into the top themes, emcees, and albums of 2017, as well as what we expect for hip hop in 2018. Listen, like, follow, and subscribe!

The L.A. VanGogh Interview

In this episode, we interviewed the very talented rapper/producer/singer L.A. Vangogh. The interview takes place at VSOP studios prior to the album release. We discussed everything from his musical influences, upbringing and finally his debut album, Everything is Subjective. The album is dropping as two episodes, and the first is available today on all streaming platforms! We decided to drop this extra episode today to make sure his fans have some insight to the album as they digest it.

Your Frends Interview Trailer

In this trailer, you'll get a sneak peak of our time with up and coming group, Your Frends. They're a new group coming from Chicago, consisting of three members: Tyler, Thee Unique, and Franchika. Throughout the interview, we have some fun and discuss who they are as group, what Chicago means to them and what their future holds.