Logic - Black SpiderMan ft. Damian Lamar Hudson

There's been a lot of great music released lately. Kendrick Lamar released his highly anticipated album DAMN and has been dominating the charts. Even Joey Bada$$ dropped fire with his album ALL-AMERICAN BADA$$. While it would be easy to do a piece on these guys, and it may be coming to a device near you soon, I wanted this Hot Music piece to focus Logic and his song Black SpiderMan.

Logic is rapper from Gaithersburg, Maryland. Although he appears to be Caucasian at a first glance, he is bi-racial. Not that it matters because people are people and music is music, which Logic pointed out on when he dropped Black SpiderMan on April 13th. With lyrics like "Not perceived by the things I believe or the color of my skin/ Or the fact I’m attracted to her, maybe him" - he encourages people to embrace who they are and the things that make them unique. Another solid line for me is "Do what you love and don’t ever wonder what it could be" – which is instant inspiration for anyone listening.

So listen and enjoy this strong, but still light-hearted (and a little goofy) message that deserves it’s place in the Hot Music category!