Russ - What They Want

Written By: T.C.

This song was released quite a while ago (August 19, 2015). I just discovered this song about 2 months ago so I guess you can say I'm late to the party. But better late than never!

Russ is an Atlanta rapper that's been gaining a consistent buzz over the years. This song shot him to the forefront when it reached 3.7 million listens on soundcloud. Once you listen to the song, you can understand how the millions of listens aren't hard to believe. The flow is infectious and his voice sounds great over the dark chords being played throughout the track. The simplistic beat makes sure you hear the star of the show: his voice, which sets the tone for the track right away. It also appears that he produces and mixes his own music, which is always impressive. The song talks about how these women and labels aren't foolin' him, and he knows they're after his paper.