Bruno Mars - Chunky

Written By: Kesha O.

Now I knew the Bruno Mars album had just came out, but I finally took a listen once a friend mentioned it and I'm glad I did! The whole album makes me feel like I'm in a 90’s romantic comedy and I need to be out kicking it with my girls and/or boo. I guess my only critique of the album is that I'm disappointed this didn't come out during the summertime. However, I've thrown a couple of the songs on my winter workout playlist to get ready for Summer '17.

All of the songs on this album will definitely just put you all in your feelings… But one of my absolute favorites is "Chunky". It's a song for any occasion! Whether you’re singing at the top of your lungs while stuck in traffic, doing a two-step in your kitchen while washing the dishes, or pre-gaming before a night out on the town, this song will definitely put you in a great mood! It’s a song where you just have to groove to it. It provides a great balance of the old school flavor, like the electric keyboard and the female vocals that are sprinkled across the track, with a new school feel. All in all, I love the track and think it stands in a league of its own.