Cedric & Tressie

Two cousins hailing from Oakland, CA (who currently reside in Chicago, IL) with a love for the universal language. Music has always been an important part of our lives from early on in our childhood. We were both involved in some type of musical activity, be it playing an instrument or trying to make actual songs on our own. Fast forward to recent years,  the two of us are now avid hiphop fans and take the music and culture seriously. Our goal is to provide a prospective on music and culture that is real, honest, and unapologetic. We try to leave no stone left unturned, making sure our listeners know the history as well as whats popping today. If we don't know something, we'll go looking for the answers. I guess you can say we're aspiring anthropologists of hiphop. With that said, come dig through the crate with us! 

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Please keep in mind that we are regular ass people with jobs. However, we do our best to have a new episode every week on Wednesdays.